Been Insane Records- A Independent Record Label that enhanced artists with the right tools to promote and protect their music to different markets

Been Insane Records also do partnership with other Entertainments to protect and promote their to Superior in their music also.

We don't own your music. We give the artists the trust to choose how they want to record but if they don't know where to start we are gladly to assist them to the right direction.

No contact signing. We give a artists a decision to accept to work with us so if you feel we ain't doing a good job or what case may be and decide to leave “feel free”

Been Insane Records founded by DJ Mobstamix (CEO) & TAZ Mane (COO) in November 2018. They been working years in the music and now has finally found the source they need to elevate them and others whose willing to go insane with the team.

We Been Insane, We Been Flexing In The Studio, We Been Krazy To Make Greatness In Music.

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